Milestone Awards :. 2001
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Gastgeber: John Valmont & Dexter Edwards

In Gimmick

Best Entrance: Tresalem

Beste Show: City BRAWL 2001

Reporter of the Year: Alyson Pryme

Working Class Award: Tom Sanders

Commentator of the Year: Drace

Manager of the Year: Sheila

Comeback of the Year: High School of Low Blows

Stable of the Year: g's'us

Rookie of the Year: Phoenix

Tag Team of the Year: High School of Low Blows

Match of the Year: Bodyparts For Sale
Devil's Bitch vs. Eleven,
(Beyond Violence 2001)

Wrestler of the Year: Eleven

Off Gimmick

Bestes Gimmick: Tresalem

Bester Face: Jakk Rokk

Bester Heel: Eleven

Größte Enttäuschung: Jason Copeland

Highlight of the Year: g's'us

Größte Überraschung: Übernahme der GCW durch g's'us

Most Memorable: g's'us

Most Entertaining: B.A.L.L.S.

Gimmick Envy: Eleven

Personal Hero: Eleven

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